Web work at Justia

Responsible for HTML, CSS, Javascript. Platforms: WordPress, Movable Type 3/4; also an in-house grown CMS.

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During three of my almost seven years at Justia, as Front End team lead, I made sure all web work went out with the utmost quality and on time.

During these years our process was reformed and we went from static, pixel-perfect sites to responsive ones.

He has an enthusiastic attitude towards teamwork; people continually turn to him for extra help both personally and professionally. He is able to make a positive impact on any team. Héctor Lugo, General Manager, Justia Mexico. Voluntary endorsement in LinkedIn.

Please note: Due to confidentiality matters, I cannot provide full size screenshots. A list of some of the Justia sites I have worked on is available upon request.

Older work

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