Atomic Design: a quick review

So I checked out what’s currently available from Brad Frost‘s upcoming book, “Atomic Design”.

I must admit: as an internet netizen, I now suffer from a severe lack of focus for long-form. This, however, was an easy, rewarding read, and an interesting peek on Frost’s mind, too.

The two available chapters of Atomic Design uncover Frost’s very own way of deconstructing user interfaces and creating a modular framework for them, one that makes sense in the context of future-friendly UI and the processes needed for effectively creating it.

Personally I found the five-tier idea a bit clunky, as the separation between 2nd and 3rd levels (what Frost calls “molecules” and “organisms”) can be blurry. Then again, Atomic Design should be seen as a framework: a series of concepts and principles in which to base a UI design effort; it’s not meant to be a complete, set-in-stone way of doing things.

I can’t wait to read the last two chapters of the book once they’re available.